Monday, August 27, 2012

Everything New

The life of the Georgas duo is all about new right now. We moved almost a month ago and we are still figuring out life here. So as a recap, and in the interest of brevity, a list of the new things in our lives.

1) New Home. Our apartment is awesome. It is smaller than our previous home and I can't figure out why it always sounds like water is running but it is very cozy. Also, the people watching is IDEAL. I never knew being on the second story leant itself to snooping so well! There is a window that we pushed our dining table up to and sitting at that perch can entertain for hours. In addition, our guest suite will keep you feeling safe no matter what. You may mistake it for the armory with two swords, a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Don't worry, sword fights are optional while you are visiting.

The living room 
Kevin sitting at the people watching perch
The guest suite waiting for YOU

2. New City. So far this city is treating us well. We are able to walk to lots of restaurants and pubs and most importantly, we are a five minute walk from the bus stop that takes us anywhere! Well, it takes us anywhere on campus. The food options are endless here. There's lots of good running, hiking, swimming, exploring that we have done and will do soon. A couple of weeks ago Kevin and I explored the Duke forest for a few hours. It's pretty awesome to be able to just park on the side of the road and take off on a trail through the huge forest. This past weekend we went to Eno River State Park and hiked in to this swimming hole:

Pic found here
Kevin and I just stood by the rocks and splashed around a bit because it was 70 degrees and cloudy. I had on a 3/4 sleeve hoodie for gosh sakes. Those other jokers we went with swam but not the three Texas summer survivors (us and John). 

3. New School. Kevin's classes started today and he is really happy to be back in the university environment. He's already got flashcards galore for two different languages, written a response paper and read dozens (hundreds?) of pages. This is his comfort zone. He is flying his nerd flag high and will be for at least the next three years. 

4. New Job. Even though Kevin is working way harder than me, I do have a new job. Big sis Allison's friend Alison (yup) hooked me up with a job at a coffee shop on Duke's campus. It's called Joe Van Gogh and it has been so fun. I finished training and am all set to work three days a week for now (I'm still looking for full time social work so once I get that squared away I will work more or less). I have loved getting to know my coworkers and feeling like a part of the school that will take up so much of Kev's time. My coworkers are great and the friendly-ness/prefriendships have come quickly with them. That tends to happen when you spend 6 hours together in a 3x10 foot space everyday. This is a screen shot of a pic Julie took while visiting and is the only option for showing off my work :)

That's Corwen next to me. They make us wear hats.

5. New Friends. Well, maybe I should say the hope of new friends to come. For right now it's a lot of nodding and sibling listing and "no, I'm not in school", "no I didn't go to Baylor", etc. I do have two new friends that Kevin previously knew. Danny and Johanna lived in Waco while Kevin was at Baylor and they moved here almost a year ago for Danny's new job. Since John and Kevin are close with them, they instantly felt like "my people." They are comfortable and familiar even though we're just getting to know each other. I'm so glad they're here. ALSO we have the McRae's close. Cece and I met for lunch today. We can do that! 

So that's my summary. There's always more that could be said about a new place but this will do for now. I have some recipe posts brewing in my mind that I will surely have time for now that Kevin is a study fiend! 

What's new in your life? How do you feel about the early stages of new friendships? Does it give you the nervous sweats as much as it does me?