Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Baby Zone

In perfect timing after my last post, Kevin and I have spent a lot of time with some really awesome babies lately. First we got to be at the birthday party for our godson, Emmitt George Hill. He is the cutest 1 year old boy there is! After demolishing his cake he decided it was his party, he'd be naked if he wanted to! 

Then we went to the lake with my girlfriends and their families. Jennifer and I loved getting to take turns snuggling these matching bambinos. Eli Morgan is one smiley dude!

Emmitt is learning to walk and does a better job cruising in socks on the wood floor than I could!

Finally, this week we watched a little 9 month old baby girl for a family that had to go out of town. She stayed with us Monday-Wednesday and again Friday night. We had a great time wrangling her! Showing her off online is a delicate situation so these pictures will do. We played outside together.

We watched videos and looked at pics of Haven's swim lessons. :)

She brought her ruffle butt pajamas. The cuteness is too much for me.

We went to the Art on Elm festival and it wore her out big time.

And this is how she sleeps. Butt straight up in the air. Precious but can't be comfortable!

You can't be around me for more than 5 minutes without figuring out that I love babies so this has been a dream for me, made even better by the fact that Kevin had a great time too! We are learning the different baby reactions to his beard. Emmitt's is a sophisticated combing (you can see he is holding one tiny piece in the pic above), baby girl E's was more of a full-fisted yank. I guess the personality of our future babies may become the determining factor in the length of Kevin's beard.

Thanks to friends for including us in their babies' little lives, thanks to all who shared their mama knowledge when I was stumped and thanks to all who held her (my left arm especially thanks you!) and helped entertain her once Kevin left and I was alone with her for the last night!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hilarious/Heart Stopping Story of Tuesday

Earlier this week I made dinner to take to a couple that just had a baby. I made a little card to take too (and by "made" I mean I folded card stock in half and wrote on it with a sharpie) and the front said "Welcome Baby Zoe". I left this card on top of my computer which was on our bed.

I was in the living room when Kevin came home from school and did his usual lap around the house. The next thing I know he barrels into the room kind of huffing and says, "I thought that card said Welcome to the Baby Zone and that was your way of telling me something!" Hahaha

Nope. But I'm definitely keeping it in mind for someday.

Don't worry. I ended up trashing the sharpie card.