Who Am I

I am Caitlin. I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, friend, social worker, yoga teacher, baker, baby whisperer, Glee fanatic, cheese lover, semi-professional bridesmaid and future goat farmer. I live in North Carolina where I arrived from Texas by way of Macedonia and Oklahoma. Some of my goals for life are to complete my RYT (yoga) certification, foster to adopt as many kids as Kevin will let me, raise goats for milk and cuteness, travel to every continent and to work out as hard as my mom and Cheryl (they could school us all).

People I love:

My older sister who will hopefully start posting again now that I've called her out!
My youngest sister with the most hilarious kitty and three dumb chickens
(There's a middle sister but she doesn't have nearly the attention span for a blog...or even a full movie)
Army wife extraordinaire
The Queen of house projects
My cousins' kids are hilarious!
The most incredible painter
Best of the best graphic designs