Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hilarious/Heart Stopping Story of Tuesday

Earlier this week I made dinner to take to a couple that just had a baby. I made a little card to take too (and by "made" I mean I folded card stock in half and wrote on it with a sharpie) and the front said "Welcome Baby Zoe". I left this card on top of my computer which was on our bed.

I was in the living room when Kevin came home from school and did his usual lap around the house. The next thing I know he barrels into the room kind of huffing and says, "I thought that card said Welcome to the Baby Zone and that was your way of telling me something!" Hahaha

Nope. But I'm definitely keeping it in mind for someday.

Don't worry. I ended up trashing the sharpie card.


  1. HAHAHA!! Baby Zone. That's hilarious. And what is his lap around the house, because I'm really laughing about that too.

    1. Haha you know, come in, unbutton shirt as he checks the fridge, change clothes, bathroom, go to his room to play with his bow (a new addition) or pick out a book, back to fridge, and on and on. :) Sounds familiar, huh?

  2. HAHAHAHA!! I love everything about this!!