Monday, September 17, 2012

Meal Planning Mondays

I am going to loosely say that I may try to blog about my meal plans. I make them every week but I hate to over commit myself by promising to blog them. Realistically I'll probably do a meal plan OR Ten on Tuesday blog each week. And someday I will find my camera and do another yoga post. Also, if posting my weekly meal plans starts to make me look really boring and uncreative, I'll quit immediately.

So here's what we're having:

Monday: This recipe for roasted chicken and veggies is so simple and sounds bland but somehow the oven works magic and it is delicious! I made it a few weeks ago and this time I'm adapting it for a whole chicken because I want to make broth from the bones.

Tuesday: I am going to make this crepe recipe and attempt to crisp it up in the oven and turn it into pizza crust. If it fails then we're having savory crepes filled with tomato sauce, mushrooms and artichoke hearts (cheese for Kev). Oh oh, or maybe crepe-adillas. I just made up that word when the idea hit me. Like a quesadilla but with crepes instead of tortillas? That would make a fun food truck. DIBS on the idea.

Wednesday: Our 1.5 year anniversary! Our new friend Russ told us about an awesome fish market he found so I am going to go scout it out and determine if we are having lobster/crab made at home (something fancy) or going out to this oyster bar we've been wanting to try. Either way it will be followed by a drink at this whiskey bar that Kevin has been drooling over since we got here!

Thursday: Two first time recipes; Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers and Roasted Cabbage. I love cabbage and I get on kicks with it. I am currently in the throws of one of those kicks. It's intense.

Friday: Roasted Beet and Kale Salad from a magazine Hayley gets. Thankfully she knows I am a big fan of beets and sent me a pic of the page. It took some digging to find that recipe online. Apparently gluten free does not equal google-able. I will probably add roasted chickpeas to bulk up the salad and because roasted chickpeas are the BOMB. Seriously. Make them today.

Saturday/Sunday: I only plan one meal for the weekend to allow for leftovers, decisions to go out with friends, etc. This weekend it is Collard Greens and White Bean soup that I have in the freezer from when I made a huge batch a few weeks ago. I can't find the recipe anymore, what the heck interwebs, why you removing all my favorite things?

So that's our week of dinners. For breakfast we are so boring. I have a smoothie and Kevin has oatmeal, eggs, or the bagel I brought home for him from work the night before. For lunch we have leftovers.

What are you having this week? Is this interesting to anyone?


  1. If I didn't think this was interesting our daily emails would be a real drag, haha. In India the guy we stayed with's mom showed me how to soak dried lentils in water for 30 minutes at least but for a couple hours preferably... then food process it into a paste and boom, spread it thin in a fry pan. voila! "crepes"! She made tons of it for me while we were there since I couldn't try any of their other breads. She used yellow lentils which I brought home and can mail you some if you didn't already take some of them... Pretty sure any lentil would work.

    1. Shut up, that's awesome. So just soak, drain, process and spread thin in a pan? I don't think I took any yellow lentils from you but I'll check the store here before you go through the post office nightmare. Also, I may need to send you pics of the Indian stuff I did take b/c a few of the things I can't remember what they are now haha.

    2. I find this very interesting, mainly because it's one of my worst things and I'm always so impressed at how good you are at all of it: meal planning, grocery shopping, then actually making delicious meals. You've got a well-oiled machine there, my friend. I'm excited aboot (yeah, I said aboot instead of about, deal with it.) these posts! Also, congrats on 1.5 years!! loveyourmealplanningguts.

    3. yeah just like that! super awesome. she used evoo to coat the pan but just a little. i tried a few and it may take some practice but i'm sure you can do it.