Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Kristin and Grace had the idea to make a list of ten things on Tuesdays. It is a fun alliteration and a good way to blog at least once a week. I am joining in this week!

10 Things An Unemployed Girl Does On Monday

Okay actually this is just 10 things THIS semi-employed girl did yesterday. I work at the coffee shop on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Sometimes Monday can feel a little anti-climactic because Sunday is all "oh get ready for the week, so busy, must prepare, soak up the time" out of habit and then Monday comes and "oh, I have nothing to do." So here we go!

1) Went to yoga at my new favorite studio. Murn's go-to teacher told me about it because she used to teach there and I love it because it is donation based. Plus, this week is the first week of the new schedule so all the classes are free! Not only is the cost (or lack of) something to love, I also enjoy the teachers and feel of the place. No mirrors, very genuine teachers, so nice. 

2) This could really be 1a but I'm making it number 2. I achieved a forearm stand! I have been practicing this for a few months now but have been nervous to work on it in our new, smaller living room. During class she said to pick an inversion and go for it. I felt comfortable enough to try it and while I did flop around some, I definitely gained control and held it for a breath. Doing it in class empowered me to try it at home and it went even better! It's the little things that make your day when your under-employed. 

You may think I am bragging. You would be correct. Gimme a break, I'm unemployed!
3) Subjected myself to the weekly torture of grocery shopping. I usually love this but without HEB it doesn't have the same appeal. In order to get everything and at a price comparable to HEB I would have to go to Walmart, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Yes, I shouldn't gripe b/c we have a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's but the principle of it just slays me. So mostly I just shop at Walmart and go to Trader Joe's for a few things every couple of weeks. Whole Foods' bulk section isn't as great as they want you to think it is anyway so I just stick it to the environment on that one and get it at Walmart, sue me. 

4) Bought a whole coconut. Just because every girl needs a $2 project.  

5) Applied for two new jobs that were posted for County Social Services. Another one in Foster Care and one to work at the juvenile detention center, hullo, perfect for me. 

6) Checked my online account for jobs in the neighboring County Social Services. I have applied for 5 so far and under the "status" section two of them say Eligible. I'll take that as good news and probably start harassing them for an interview. 

7) Made this bread for Kev

8) Made this soup for dinner with a few adjustments. It was amazing. Red lentils are the jam, way better than the brown kind. 

9) Caught up on Becky's blog and you should too. She's writing a book!

10) Finished the day the way I always do. Hula hooping in front of Parks and Rec. Season 4 may be one of the best seasons of television ever created. My current favorite line= "Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets." If you're not watching it, you should be! 

And that's Monday! (Friends, anyone?) What'd you do yesterday? Do you know anybody hiring in the triangle area?

*I had written in the names of the counties I've applied for but then I thought WHAT IF someone googles that or something. So just in case...number 5 is the county I live in and number 6 is the county where the best basketball program in the history of college basketball is.*


  1. You did all that in one day? Including bake bread and make soup?! That IS a job. Too bad no one pays you for it. There's that one unfortunate detail. ;) I know you'll get something soon!

  2. Sounds like the most productive day I've ever read about. How did you do all of that? Also, that bread...mmmmmm

  3. "the county where the best basketball program in the history of college basketball is" - excellent way to put this hahaha.
    I'm making that soup this weekend.. did you really use fenugreek seeds? I think I can pick out your minor substitutions just from the ingredients list but wasn't sure on that one.

  4. Also - I'm not a robot and it didn't make me prove it. Thanks for dumbing it down.. about the third time I tried to comment on that last post my self esteem was pretty shot.

  5. No way, no fenugreek. I subbed evoo for peanut, mustard for fenugreek (googled it and it said similar tastes?), left out tomato paste and cayenne. Plus I more than doubled the recipe b/c I just wanted to use the whole squash. What was I gonna do with the rest? haha

  6. I'm with Laura- this IS a job! I'm very impressed with everything you got done, but I'm Uh-mazed at that forearm stand!! Wow. Always love a Friends reference. Always love a new blog to check out. Also, how do you get rid of the robot sitch? :) Love your list, love you.

  7. Grace, from the overview/dashboard thing I clicked on Settings at the bottom left, then on Posts and Comments, and i think it is called word verification and I just changed it to no. I guess it worked! haha Hayley suggested I take it off and see if I get any spam, so far no. Love you!