Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Post-Potter Depression

I think a lot of you know how this goes. You've been there. I held out reading the Harry Potter books for so long because 1) I get scared easily (haha) 2) they are so freaking long, who has time for that and 3) the first movie was the only one I saw in the theater (except for the eighth one at midnight) and while I didn't hate it, I didn't like it enough to read 7 epic-length books about that geeky kid.

Oh boy, was I wrong. I will say, I'm glad I wasn't living alone when I read them because I really do scare easier than the average human. But the books are SO much better than the movies! I want to see the movies again knowing all the back story and stuff they don't include! The thing about 7 books averaging about 650 pages each, they cling to your hands, glue your butt to the chair and push pause on the rest of your life so that you have nothing to do but read until they are all finished and your life is over. When I looked up, feeling nauseous from the emotional roller coaster of Dumbledore, Harry, Ginny, 19 years later, I literally did not know what to do with myself. Where is Kevin? Do I have friends? When was the last time I took a shower?

I haven't picked up another book since. It won't be as good. Ron won't be in that book saying hilarious things. It has been enough time that I'm starting to think Harry Potter may have ruined my reading life. I need to rip the band aid off. Admitting you have a problem is the first step...

What should I read next?


  1. This is CRAZY to read because I'm currently reading the Potter series for the first time. Right now I'm nearing the end of book 5, and I started book 1 in August! I completely know what you mean about getting sucked in, and yes, the books are SO much better than the movies. I had only seen the 4th movie (I could've sworn you were there with me and Liz, and maybe Kristin when we saw it- no?), but I've been watching each movie (and making Jeff watch with me) after finishing each book. I kind of wish I could read faster, but then I think I will be sad when they're over! haha =) So funny you just read them too. My next-in-line is The Help.

  2. Post-Potter depression can also be carried into many other areas of life. (TV shows being my biggest problem) I'm currently treating Post-Friday Night Lights depression. I'm on book 4 and not looking forward to finishing these either. Why does everything have to end!? Wahhh

  3. No joke about the depression. And thanks to your blog post, I feel it all over again today even though I read these forever ago. So thanks!
    I also have the TV show problem - Arrested Development is my current depression (I know I'm behind - just watched them all on Netflix). But there is talk of it starting again and even a movie!
    You've got to read the Hunger Games. Since there are only 3 and they are fairly short, I didn't feel such a huge sadness at the end of them!

  4. Agreed! Hunger Games are a good one and less depression than expected.

  5. I suffered the same depression. I couldn't imagine finding anything else to read to fill the void left.
    I started over with the audio books and am now in the middle of 5, also. That Umbridge woman is horrible. WHY won't Harry show the other teachers the back of his hand?!?!?!
    Come on J.K. How about another series?

  6. Laura maybe we did see that movie together, that sounds familiar. The Help is one of my faves, so glad you're going to read that next!!

    Mom, book 5 took me the longest because it put me in such a bad mood. I found myself wanting to tear pages out.

    Hunger Games it is. Are they scary?