Monday, October 10, 2011

What a Weekend

We had the kind of weekend that leaves you exhausted and energized at the same time, overwhelmed by the greatness of your friends. Friday kicked it off with this: 

100 cupcakes for Kate's opening reception at the Croft Gallery! Applesauce spice cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting and champagne cupcakes with strawberry buttercream. Not to mention the homemade bread, hummus, prosciutto and goodness flatbreads and more that other friends made! Kate's I don't even have the words to describe her gift. If you are in Waco before October 28 you MUST go see her show. The reception was from 6-9 and we all hung out, mingled, snacked and such until everyone else had left. Then, since the Sterchi parents and Kate's mom were in town we took the party to the pub for continued revelry.

Saturday was a wonderful Waco Saturday of shopping and lunching at Newk's (what the heck kind of name is that?!) with the ladies and Moms. Then surprise of all surprises, I go with Emily to get her haircut and they're giving away free chair massages! Best chair massage I've ever had, even before you consider the freeness. Saturday evening was the big birthday celebration at the Meddlesome Moth in Dallas. Lots of Waco people piled into cars to caravan to the Moth where we were joined by Kevin's parents and some Dallas friends.

Before we left. Funny to have a picture of us in the background of a picture of us.
Everyone who hasn't been, take a moment to google that restaurant. Such delicious food, family style, endless options some of which included mussels, risotto, tandoori lamb skewers, cheese and cured meat platters (I'm sold) and much more! After the four hour feast we rolled ourselves home to Waco.

Sunday was the day the Sterchi parents had to leave so we went to lunch after church before their flight. AND especially for Kevin's (real) birthday, we woke up to rain. Steady, pouring rain. What a day. FSIL (favorite sister-in-law) Kaitlyn and her friend Emily visiting from California came over to celebrate Kevin slash sleep on the couches for four hours in our sweatpants. It was Kevin's favorite kind of day. 

Sunday evening wrapped up with a pizza party and German chocolate birthday cake for all our friends! The original plan was to complement the pizza with the Rangers game but it got rained out so we settled for football and a little Beyonce YouTubing. 

Don't worry. He shared. I almost forgot! Sunday morning began with the pumpkin cinnamon rolls! I did use the recipe I originally mentioned as pull-apart bread but I decided to roll it up instead. Last time I made pull-apart bread it was mush on bottom and dry on top so I switched it up. Since there was so much leftover (and since I'm pretty sure they frown on rum in the morning before church) I used the brown sugar cream cheese frosting on the cinnamon rolls too. Delicious! 

Needless to say, Monday morning was an unwelcome event. Whatever happened to having Columbus Day off? 

For the cake I used this Southern Living recipe from the October issue. The frosting did not set up like I thought it should based on the picture, but I'll forgive them. 

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    incidentally, we listened to beyonce pandora station during breakfast today. haven clapped and did her side-sway dance.