Friday, October 7, 2011

You Know What I Love?

In an effort to keep my momentum up, but without the time to load pictures or try to take pictures of myself again, I'm going to post about some random things that have been making my days lately...

  • The commercials for the Lion King re-release. They make me feel so nostalgic and I almost tear up everytime. I picture teeny tiny Murn and Molly. I think of Chimney Hill. I can't even count how.many.times. we held up Trudy like Simba
  • Yesterday Kevin and I talked with the pastor of the church we've been going to because I want to help in the baby room. When it came up in the story of how Kevin and I met, he asked where I lived in Macedonia. For a second I thought he was crazy and had misunderstood but then he said he spent a week right down the road from where I lived! Jaw dropped. First person to respond with anything other than the "where's that" blank stare
  • Riesling. I "had to" buy some for a recipe I was making and what's a girl to do, let the rest go to waste? I forget about white wine because I never drink it and sometimes think I've outgrown it. Turns out, still delicious
  • Pictures of Haven covered in food. Videos of Haven crawling. Pictures of Haven being sassy. Pictures of Haven sleeping. Videos of Haven messing with Simon. I could go on and on
  • Anything having to do with baby goats
What makes your day? 

Coming soon...100 cupcakes for the art opening, Pumpkin cinnamon rolls recipe, Kevin's birthday, Yoga 101-Plank, and a quick yoga sequence for runners (inspired by Lisa's no time to stretch)!

1 comment:

  1. Making my days lately:
    - The previews for footloose. Makes me wish "making up dances" was still an acceptable hobby.
    - Tim Riggins.
    - The fact that I get to spend several upcoming weekends with Mama.
    - My boss bringing me boxes of gluten free crackers that he loves. Made a trip to Sams just for me!
    - Haven, duh.